We 🌍 internet hub x IAM

We 🌍 internet hub x IAM

Welcome to We 🌍 internet hub x IAM

The transnational community using the internet(s) to address the environmental emergency


We 🌍 internet is the new transnational community created by IAM to interconnect creative thinkers and doers who are using the internet(s) to address the environmental emergency by exploring how organisations and citizens can change the digital economy today, tomorrow and during the next billion seconds.

The story

On Feb. 28th, we had to take one of the most difficult decisions in the short history of IAM: to change the location of our annual event from Barcelona to the internet (with less than 20 days left), because along the civic duty derived from the public health emergency that forced this decision, we consider that the conversations planned for IAM Weekend 2020 are equally urgent and probably more relevant than ever before.

But we don't like to think of the internet as a place and actively question dualities as online/offline or digital/physical, so we started asking ourselves:Β what if we understand the internet(s) as verbs, as ways of thinking, doing, organising, collaborating, supporting, playing, learning, sharing and caring?

The result of this thought experiment is We 🌍 internet and our first collective project and gathering is the internet edition of IAM Weekend 2020!

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